Friday 2 October 2020

In the Beginning

number of years ago I had the idea of writing a novel. I had been interested in writing for a long time but work and generally 'getting on with life' had taken precedence. That changed one winter evening when I sat down and began to write chapter one of the science fiction novel that was to become ‘Leofwin's Hundred’, book one of a series I would call 'The Grid Saga', and in short order I used the Wix website builder to create the website,


Here's how the story came about.

I was interested in the concept of the passage of time and how it affects us and our surroundings. Could there be a unique way to alter time that I could use as the central concept in my book? Would it be possible to travel to times in the past? and what would the interaction be with people living, for example, a thousand years in the past.


I developed a small group of central characters, Jem Dearden, Mitch Doughty and Professor Julia Linden-Barthorpe. These three characters, along with a select group of associates, would belong to a covert group named SHaFT, (the SHock and Force Team for justice). I added an elemental character into the mix who was Tomahawk Shahn of Offchurch. He made his entrance as a companion to Jem Dearden. 

Tomahawk is a wolf with Black Alaskan Wolf parentage, and he is big . . . real big.

The Forest of Arden, which in ancient times spread all over the 
English county of Warwickshire, figures as a potential backdrop to this story which takes place across the ages. In the forest there is an alien presence, which, although only implied in the first part of the novel, becomes desperately needed as the theme of the Leofwin’s Hundred story develops. 

That's it for the time being folks. it's enough to whet the appetite. Read the book. It's got great reviews and you can buy either the print or the ebook versions of the novel through my website, Anyway, please check back to the 'Mystery and Imagination' blog regularly. I shall delve further into the world of The Grid Saga, and talk about information to do with writing, and other interesting subjects. 

But please be patient. The 'Mystery and Imagination’ blog is in the process of being developed. I want you to have the opportunity to write on the blog too and that facility will be added. I'm sure you've got plenty of interesting  things to say that will add useful content to the blog.

Until next time,

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